PokerStars, one of the most prestigious poker rooms in the industry, has made a record for holding the largest poker Guinness-World-Record worthy tournament. The competition gained no less than 200,000 players during the registration period, which narrowed down to a still-hard-to-beat figure of 149,196 players. Because of this, Guinness World Record has decided to include this event into its stash of most remarkable incidents as confirmed by World Records Adjudicator Gaz Deaves.

All in all 11,000 players were competing for the $50,000 prize. With only a $1 buy-in, the event was priced to attract the most number of players. Sources say that although more than three-fourths of the players played online at the comfort of their homes, a considerable number were said to have played together at the Prague Hilton Hotel.

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